miercuri, 13 mai 2015

We will gonna try erotic massage

For some time now the relationship between me and my girlfriend started being pretty bad and not even our sexual relationship is not so rosy. I read on the net as usual problem arises from the lack of communication or because the sexual relationship between partners is very precarious.
Most couples often not part of foreplay and jump straight into action as they have no time or mood and this leads to deterioration over time because there was no time relationship full of tenderness, touches or kisses pasioanale.
A good friend told me that a good way to restore our standing relationship and with this we rediscover sexuality and sexual relationship is reinforced by our erotic massage. And no, he didn;t recommended us go to go to a massage parlor but simply to learn the techniques and how to try it in our bedroom.

I am more than sure that if you try not to carry it out with perfection but I tried that and especially to live the moment ... so I thought maybe spark of passion between us will rekindle.